About the writer

I'm Becky, a new mom just trying to find my way. I've never appreciated sugar coating, so here I'll be honest with you about what it's like for me to take on this new adventure. I hope you can relate on some level and like me realize the beauty and strength that can come from the imperfect moments in life.


  1. I LOVE being your first follower!!!!!!

  2. I'm here because of Alexandra ^^. Glad she pointed me to your blog.

    1. Thanks, Heather! I hope you'll keep reading.

  3. Hello Becky! I am here because of Natalie! And - I wanted you to know that I love your quote "so much beauty and strength can come from the imperfect moments in life." As you know, our family has gone through our share of imperfect moments, and I agree that each one of them has made us stronger!

  4. Christine, I'm so glad you're here. There's something so amazing about connecting as human beings and I'm so glad you've related to my words and understand. I hope to see you around here often.