Tuesday, March 18, 2014

You are the best thing

There are a lot of new babies in my life currently and more on the way. It seriously feels like a baby frenzy around here. I've sometimes felt badly that when I talk with these new moms or moms to be, I haven't had many positive things to say about motherhood. A good friend who just announced her pregnancy, asked me to write a post for her...words for a new mom.

The truth is, even though my journey hasn't been easy so far, I didn't have to wrack my brain trying to think about what I love best about being a new mom. Amidst the pain and sorrow I've felt, I've also experienced a joy like no other kind I know.

During the toughest days, my husband would try and cheer me up by telling me how much my baby loved me. The gloom I felt clouded my perception of everything, but I could always see my baby. With my husband's gentle reminders I began each day looking for her love for me. It was so obvious...staring me right in the face every time I looked at her.

Her love for me is in the way she looks at me. The way she smiles and laughs at me. The way she is comforted by my touch. The way her eyes follow me when I move around the room. The way she makes little sounds in response to mine. The way I can soothe her like no one else can. The way she lights up when she sees me or hears my voice.

Although she's still small, she knows her mama, and to her, I am the best thing.

To my friend, you will soon experience a new kind of love that only a mother knows. You will be some one's mama, and your baby will think you are amazing. Even on the hardest days, when you've had no sleep, you've barely eaten, and you feel warm tears streaming down your face - your baby will look at you with so much love, and you'll know things will be okay. Now, I've heard this feeling doesn't last forever, that our children will defy us or say they hate us. But, I have to believe the bond will always be there, forever, and there is nothing more special than that. 

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