Thursday, March 27, 2014

I had a friend come over

Since my daughter's birth most of my visitors have been family and close friends. So when one of these visitors come knocking I don't care much if I have dirty pots in the sink, if my mascara is under my eyes instead of on my eyelashes, or if I smell like old breast milk. I am a new mom (wondering now how long I can claim that title), and I know it's no good pretending I always have it together, because I don't.

This week I had to totally check myself when I decided to, drum roll please, have a NEW friend come over. A person who didn't know me and my awful lack of style when overtired and overwhelmed. Who didn't know that every morning I lay on my couch and spend about 10 minutes pondering whether a shower today is really necessary. Who also didn't know that putting on a real bra and a pair of jeans literally feels like getting dressed for a big interview. Oh my goodness, did I have some work to do.

Here's some of my thought process from yesterday morning to show you that 5 months in, I still struggle - oh how I struggle.

1) Baby wakes: "Yes, Becky, daughter needs to come immediately out of pajamas and into cutest outfit she has." Go to closet, sift through clothes. "Pajama, pajama, pajama, ugh I'm tired, okay here's a pink onesie - not the cutest, but better than pajamas."

2) Sit on couch for only 5 minutes: "Yes, Becky, you have to take a shower - you have greasy hair and you smell funky. But, can't I get away with some dry shampoo and new underwear? No, you SMELL. And, you used the dry shampoo yesterday...go to the shower, NOW!"

3) After shower: "To blow dry and straighten (oh get real), to blow dry, or not to blow dry?" Baby cries, go to baby, decision made...

4) The house: "It's pretty clean actually (baby can't move much yet), do I clean up the dirty dishes though or vacuum? No, I don't want it to look too clean - I can't have her thinking that I'm perfect, because I'm so NOT perfect."

5) Sit on couch again, it's 10am, and I'm totally exhausted. Friend arrives with baby. Both looking very put with friend: "She's so down to earth and totally gets how hard this is. She's a lot like me, actually."

6) Friend leaves: "Maybe next time I'll just do the dry shampoo.

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  1. I SO get this. I hosted a play date yesterday too. I actually have to tell myself not to get too overworked in the morning preparing. But I also go through the same thought processes about getting the kids dressed, and myself...maybe?
    And, I also believe in not having the house spotless, ever, because it never really is! I told myself not to even mention my dirty house, because it doesn't really matter, but then I did. And my friend said, "no Mom can possibly have a clean kitchen without a maid." Amen.

  2. Oh, YES. I wish you'd submit this to BlogHer. It's exactly what they would love to syndicate. Submit it on their submissions page, Becky. Really.

    1. Alexandra - I will try. Thank you for the vote of confidence!

  3. Brooke - It's stressful, right? Sounds like we are in the same boat. Too bad we don't live closer. I like your friend's quote - so true!