Monday, March 31, 2014

Why I love Frozen

I'm going to play the new mom card again to justify why I am completely behind on the 2014 movie scene. I did, however, watch half of the Oscars before I passed out at my new mama bedtime of 9:00pm. So at the very least, I now know what movies "might" be worth spending my precious spare moments watching in the next few months.

I sat down to watch Frozen this past weekend with my two nieces 2 and 5, and my almost 6-month-old daughter. I had heard about this movie in passing - something about this song called, "Let It Go" and how kids all over the US just couldn't stop singing it! My sister said I must see the movie, so we all cuddled up for an afternoon of Frozen fun.

FrozenTwenty four hours later, this "busy" mama had magically made time to watch the movie 2.5 times, download "Let It Go" on iTunes, and listen to it too many times to count. My husband looked at me with judging eyes and my sister, who told me I HAD to see the movie, called me a "loser." Even my sweet daughter stared at me with confusion as I belted out, "love is an open door" with absolute gusto! Still, I'm not ashamed to say it, I LOVE Frozen! In fact, you might even catch me singing, "Do you want to build a snowman?" the next time I'm walking through the Frozen food section at the grocery store.

Besides the amazing music, impressive animation, and adorable writing, I'll tell you why I really love this movie. I'd warn this is a SPOILER ALERT, but I actually think I might be the last person in the country to see this movie. Seriously.

So you know how in many fairy tales, something goes awry and an act of true love is required to make things right? Like in Snow White, when the prince has to kiss Snow White in order for her to awaken from her death, or in Beauty and the Beast when Bell has to fall in love with the Beast in order for him to turn into a man again? Well in Frozen, a story of two sisters, the act of true love that has to occur to save one of the sisters is not fulfilled by a kiss, or a sweet romance, but instead by an act of love between two sisters. Now how refreshing is that? It makes sense, right? So many little girls (and boys) watching these movies don't care about kissing, or romantic love, but they can understand and appreciate the story of friendship and sibling love. Perhaps I love this movie so much because of the friendship and unconditional love I share with my two sisters. Sisterly love is truly special and this movie shows how deep and absolutely fulfilling that love can be.

I can't wait for my daughter to see this movie when she's a bit older, although I don't look forward to the sshhhhhinnngggg I'll receive when I try to sing along with every song. I can hear it now, "Mom, please, I'm trying to watch the movie!"

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